Do you struggle to localize your Ruby on Rails apps?

LocaleData is a simple translation management platform, which can help you collaboratively work on your YAML translation files even with your non-technical teammates.

How does it work?

step 1

1. Import

Start by uploading all your existing project translations in YAML file format.

step 2

2. Translate

Invite teammates and translators to collaboratively work on your project translations.

step 3

3. Export

Download your finished translations in YAML file format (and go to step 2).

Why to choose LocaleData?


Simple integration

Use the LocaleData gem to download translations directly into your Ruby on Rails projects using the provided command line interface. Just create a project and follow our step-by-step instructions.

project members

Easy collaboration

All LocaleData projects are private. Each project can have multiple collaborators with different roles and access permissions. You determine who can see and edit your translations. Just add admins, developers, translators and configure their access rights.


No more syntax errors

LocaleData provides you easy import/export functions for your YAML i18n resource files. Use our simple translation editor with many predefined languages to manage your locales. LocaleData also supports multiple translation types, such as simple text, plural forms, numbers, booleans, symbols, arrays, ...

bulk editing

Bulk editing

Do you need to change the path of many translation keys at once? No problem, just use our bulk editing feature and enjoy the results.

LocaleData helps me with translations of my Ruby on Rails applications. I don't need to go into code anymore and care about syntax and all that sorts of things. With LocaleData I was able to import my YAML files, translate the content and easily export everything. One thing that LocaleData does really well is the easy-to-use and user friendly interface. LocaleData organizes all the translations into a tree/hierarchy which allows to navigate through very easily.

Marek Dlugos
Marek Dlugos, Digital Product Designer

What about pricing?

All plans include unlimited projects, members and languages. The only limit is the total number of translation keys - phrases that can be translated into multiple languages.


19 €
9 € / month
2.000 translation keys
Unlimited projects
Unlimited languages
Unlimited seats


49 €
24 € / month
10.000 translation keys
Unlimited projects
Unlimited languages
Unlimited seats


99 €
49 € / month
50.000 translation keys
Unlimited projects
Unlimited languages
Unlimited seats

All prices are inclusive of VAT. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.